Across the globe and around the clock, we never stop working to give our passion for customers into the brands to improve the world we all share and create shared opportunity through growth.Integrity is one of our most prized assets.


Beaufond provides clear and compelling guidance, challenging and going beyond what is asked or expected to make a positive difference and be rewarded for the value we deliver.We focus wholeheartedly on our clients, working closely and openly with them to look after their best interests long-term.In addition to the normal challenges of leading people, global leadership at Beaufond are engaging and inspiring with much more diverse groups of people in a much more challenging environment across five main barriers to success.People cannot get face-to-face very often, which has big implications for relationships, trust and the day-to-day operation of teams and individual relationships. Leaders need the ability to inspire, communicate and manage performance remotely.


Beaufond collaborate with increasingly distributed and diverse groups of colleagues across functions, business units and geography. In this environment trust is both more essential and more difficult to build, maintain and repair. A high level of trust in teams correlates with retention, innovation, engagement and business performance.It’s essential for us to conduct business with a high level of integrity in all our interactions. In an evolving and ever challenging commercial and regulatory and compliance environment, we want to be prepared to adapt the way we work to ensure that we always conduct business in the most appropriate, ethical and transparent way.


Beaufond has a distinctive way of working when we’re at our best. We call this the BearingPoint Spirit. If our values express what we believe in as a Firm, our Spirit defines how we work. Our Spirit has five key characteristics. Whenever we work with our clients and with each other we aim to demonstrate these characteristics in the way we behave – to be holistic, entrepreneurial, confident, trusted and easy to work with.We take a broader, more informed analytical approach, digging deeper and going further to lead the way in delivering greater value for our clients.We encourage fresh thinking and ideas, taking the initiative for our clients, working quickly and smartly, applying our adaptive intelligence to take informed risks and break new ground.

Global Leadership

Rising above difficult situations.None of us likes dealing with confronting and difficult situations in the workplace. However if we can learn to shift ‘above the line’, we can greatly reduce the effect of these situations, not only on ourselves but on those around us. In the longer term, we will be making a contribution towards a calmer, safer workplace for all.

Unmatched Quality

Since the inception of Beaufond, we have developed breakthrough, category-leading products that have helped to shape our industry.

Global Outlook

As a multi-material and multi-product company, we apply world-class practices every day and expand into adjacent technical insulation end markets, continuously extending our temperature range and equipment verticals.

Corporate Philosophy

In an increasingly complex global environment, a strong and effective company culture is fundamental to empower sustainable growth and business success.


Our dedicated teams continuously develop our intellectual property portfolio and have more than doubled the number of patents over the last five years.



Beaufond Top Management & Leadership are dedicated to fulfilling the mission, vision and values of Employees. Our senior management team are highly accomplished leaders with proven track record. At Beaufond, we work seamlessly together as one firm to serve our clients wherever they need us. With 32 offices in 17 countries around the world, Beaufond makes our collective knowledge, experience and global network available to our clients. In today’s tumultuous markets, where established companies are furiously battling assaults from start-ups and other insurgent competitors, Beafond has delivered remarkably due to our strong management.

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Beaufond clients Testimonials

Beaufond story started with a very humble beginning way back in 2009.Today, over these years since its inception, Beaufond PLC has come a long way in this ever-so-competitive world of services based industries. Beaufond takes great pride in the fact that our clients consider our services and standards as a benchmark that not many are able to match. Ever since, Beaufond has been moving on from strength to strength, successfully completing every job and thereby maintaining the faith and confidence our clients repose in us.
Steve Ryan

Steve Ryan


Please share our sincerest “Thanks!” and “Way to go!” to the team for being so watchful and responsive. We’re so grateful for their contributions to the chemical solutions.

John Paul

John Paul


I met with the export manager of Beaufond years ago and have received nothing but a top-notch client experience. I have always found them to be ethical, client focused, and more than willing to go the extra mile for me and my personal goals

Stephen Brazer

Stephen Brazer

Plant Head

Beaufond PLC is focused on helping me achieve my goals, listening to what’s really important to me, and building an investment strategy that maximize my productivity in plants while providing good stable growth.

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