Beaufond PLC continues to pursue its development strategy and once again delivers strong operating results, outperforming its industry. Beaufond PLC’s pharmaceutical business  has recorded an excellent performance in 2020, exhibiting once again the relevance of its strategy and its operational discipline. Quarter after quarter, Beaufond PLC demonstrates its ability to outperform its peers and these annual results confirm Beaufond position as a leading global player in the respective industry verticals. Beaufond Plc Q3 2019-20 Annual Results Reports 62.16 % increase in EBITDA to USD 17.736 million of 3rd Quarter 2019-20 against USD 10.937 million to the corresponding period of last year.

Beaufond has demonstrated very strong acceleration in pharmaceutical businesses & we have successfully executed the first year of our three-year plan as we continued to deeply transform Beaufond PLC’s growth engine. Our significant investments to create our technology leap generated a strong momentum in all businesses. These results reflect our ability to create value for our clients and meet their needs both in terms of productivity and business transformation. The year 2020 witnessed strong growth driven by an increased demand in pharma and telecom services, while continuing to offer our clients solutions to drive their competitiveness.

Beaufond PLC starts 2020 with a stronger balance sheet and no debt, a stronger visibility with more than 80% of its revenue based on multi-year contracts in pharmaceuticals, a stronger-than-ever Research & Development technological profile and portfolio of offerings, and finally a stronger top management team and enhanced operational governance. All this makes us very confident to deliver value for our clients and shareholders and stronger financial objectives in 2020 towards our  vision of 5 Billion  enterprise

Announcing the 3rd Quarter 2019-20, Dr. Sachin Saini, Managing Director of Beaufond PLC  told that “Beaufond’s EBITDA growth continuing of rising to 62.16% for the 3rd Quarter 2019-20 against corresponding to the same period of last year. The Pharma segment continues to be the biggest driver of top and bottom-line growth. ▪ Company revenues increased 47.09 % in Q3 2019-20 against Q3 of 2018-19, supported by International Trade of pharma products’ growth which is the major contributor of the total revenue. ▪ Company’s net profit increased to 62.37% in Q3 comparing last year Q3 Net profit for the period in actual is USD 17.733 mn. ▪ The net worth increased from USD 239.009 mn (Q3 2018-19) to USD 278.389 mn in Q3 2019-20 – nearly 16.48 % increase. ▪ The Current Ratio recorded for the quarter is 1.46 which is at par with the trading and distribution business companies”.

Dr. Saini further elaborated that “We’re encouraged by our third quarter results as our disciplined growth strategies continue to deliver strong underlying performance. We ended the third quarter this year on robust footing as we reported growth in EBITDA and remain focused on quality new opportunities across our core markets in UAE, India, Honk Hong, China, the Middle East and the United States where we continue to see attractive business counterparts. We have also further strengthened our leading position across all market sectors as we added an array of business projects in segments including API in pharma particularly therapeutic segments.

We have improved the current ratio from 1.40 as on 31.03.2019 to 1.46 as on 31.03.2020. Both the figures are well above level of corresponding trading companies’ ratio and show the company’s efficiency to meet its liquidity obligation. As the sales of the Trading operation is increasing trend, it is more capable that the company is of paying its obligations, as it has a larger proportion of asset value relative to the value of its liabilities.

The TOL/TNW Ratio for the third quarter of 2019-20 improved to 1.43 from 1.55 of the same quarter of last year which is at par with their projected level and well above the industrial average.I assure to all of our consumers that the businesses are gaining strong traction, reflecting our customer obsession and investments in best-in class trade platforms. International market provides exciting opportunities to scale-up these businesses and maximize long-term shareholder value in the coming years. Retail business recorded robust growth in revenue and profitability.In summary, we continue to see the future with optimism and feel that Beaufond remains ideally positioned to capitalize on growth opportunities in its key markets. Our time-tested strategy serves as the appropriate framework to continue to drive our rapid growth. Moreover, I remain confident that we have the right team in place to continue to build out what has proven to be the leading international business out of the globe”.

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