Beaufond PLC is convinced that our collective initiatives to foster & bring innovations are key to our business operation. Beaufond PLC is defined by innovation.

The chaos of global economic meltdown has imposed an urgency you have never before experienced. It’s a scary thing, but it can also be exciting—if you’re prepared.Economic turbulence has arrived with a vengeance, and only companies that face it head-on at the beginning of this world-wide crisis will be the ones left standing once the dust clears.
Beaufond PLC has had an incredible journey since it was formed and is now a leading global player in the pharmaceutical industry.
Beaufond PLC is focused on managing complexity for our customers, this means providing a full service offering to simplify the supply chain.
Beaufond takes a responsible approach to all aspects of our operations. We continuously work to mitigate our sustainability impacts and take advantage of any opportunities to maximise our positive impact. At Beaufond, we believe that high ethical standards, accountability and good stakeholder relations create long-term benefits. This approach should be a guiding principle for all our decisions, policies and activities. Said, Sachin Saini, Managing Director, Beaufond PLC.

Our long-term goal for managing supplier sustainability performance is to establish a clear overview of all their operations in relation to our Supplier Code of Conduct.


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