Beaufond PLC, one of the most-admired companies in the pharmaceutical sector develop innovative medicines that greatly improves the health outcomes for patients with an unremitting focus on quality and affordability. Beaufond PLC, over the years has emerged as a top supplier of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), with leadership position in anti-malarial & oncology segments having an enviable position in the global pharmaceutical industry. With revenues of more than US Dollar1 Billion, Beaufond, a science-based research driven company  having more than 75 % revenue from its pharmaceuticals segments, is in the process of supplying 3D printed drug to Pharma Industries worldwide as per the company release.

The Global 3D Printed Drugs Market is expected to grow at USD 408.45 Millions by the end of 2025 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.84%.The 3D printed medicines are becoming popular due to its many advantages not only for the end consumer but also for pharmaceutical companies. Numerous firms are also exploring the additive manufacturing technology to reduce costs as well as create on-demand drugs.

Beaufond PLC is simplifying the production process of drug manufacturing by using the 3D printing technology. With this, Beaufond can save time for formulation development as well as reduce costs. The simplified production process will also reduce the amount of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) consumed during formulation development and setting up the production process. The technologyholds the promise to enable more flexible and decentralized production in the future.

Additive manufacturing also proves beneficial for developing personalized medicines. Currently, medicines are produced using mass manufacturing methods which creates dosage forms with identical characteristics (dosage, appearance and drug release). Such practices can lead to inappropriate dosing, resulting in undesirable side effects or lack of treatment effect in many patient populations (i.e. children and the elderly).This is where 3D printing comes in. Beaufond through an extensive research has found out that with the growing demand for personalized medicine and medical devices, the researchers explain that on-demand triggerable drug delivery systems via magnetic fields have increased significantly in recent years. 3D printing technology itself has already been applied numerous times in the development of personalized dosage forms, due to its high-precision and accurate manufacturing ability. Combining the two technologies, the researchers aimed to create a triggerable drug delivery device that can provide a safe, long-term, and reusable method for localized disease treatment for conditions and diseases such as cancer. Beaufond intends to cater to the growing pharmaceutical market through supply of 3D printed drugs.

About Beaufond PLC

Beaufond Plc is a multi-commodities trading and distribution company with a vast experience of more than 11 years. Beaufond Plc focuses on the acquisition, development, and commercialization of branded running products. With a focus on underserved niche markets and a commitment to innovation, Beaufond PLC develops and improves the quality of products it’s customers and deliver sustained growth and profitability to its shareholders. Over the past several years, Beaufond Plc has transformed itself as a leading global player through a series of successful business development initiatives. In 2019, Beaufond achieved the turnover figure of USD 1 billion with help of launching new marketing campaigns and increased the sales support for its wide array of products. Those efforts have strengthened Beaufond’s market presence and diversified business. Beaufond is backed by strong & experienced leadership team supported by its capable & talented work force.

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