Transparency, Integrity, Innovative Risk Management and Accountability are the core of Beafond Plc’s operating philosophy. We’ve evolved as we have grown and continuously update our model for success as the Trading business changes.

Our core competence is diversified sourcing abilities and our strong risk management systems. We’ve positioned ourselves to have a bold presence across key origins and have built reliable relationships with a vast array of suppliers. From our logistically sound on-the-ground teams to our extensive downstream distribution markets, we’ve built strategic alliances and investments that guarantee a secure flow of the products we manage.

We work with our buyers as an extension of their own business and function as an outsourced extension of buyer supply chains. We take pride in identifying our client’s needs, providing them market intelligence through our global network and customizing individual solutions for superior resource utilization and optimized transaction costs. We offer advice on physical risk management and work closely across our clients supply chains to provide insight where it counts most. Our comprehensive value addition to our clients and consistency in performance has enabled us to build trusted and long term relationships in the global Trading and distribution market. We’re also great when it comes to working with our clients.

Our approach to every transaction is based on value optimization. We take every aspect of our extended network into account: from competitive sourcing to logistical efficiencies, physical control, capital optimization, execution efficiency and sales value optimization. This coupled with our nimble approach, and a flat efficient group structure has allowed us to identify and transform challenges into opportunities.