Beaufond PLC, the Dubai based innovative & fast growing global multi trade business house which enjoys around 75 % of revenue in its core business of pharmaceuticals has the largest portfolios of Innovative Medicines in Cancer Therapy is all set to accelerate its trade in Belgium which is fast emerging as a major destination of pharmaceutical market place. Pharmaceuticals account for over 13% of Belgium’s total exports.Both the pharmaceuticals industry and the Belgian government are investing heavily in developing this sector even further and major drives are under way to promote innovation and R&D.The government also supports the pharmaceuticals industry –  and R&D in general – via a range of tax incentives and discounts and by offering assistance in hiring qualified researchers.

Belgium has a distinct advantage of among the world’s top exporters with no trade restrictions, quick procedure for setting up a new business & an entrepreneur-friendly environment. Beaufond PLC which already has presence in the region are in talks with the government & leading pharma companies to supply oncology products.

Beaufond has identified Erlotinib, Docetaxel and Capecitabine for supply to Belgium.These drugs are used to treat lung and pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, head and neck cancer, gastric cancer.

Beaufond PLC registered a robust growth during this difficult time of Covid 19 pandemic and had managed to maintain its steady growth, with a turnover of USD 1.157 Billion US$, majorly from its Pharma & Chemicals segment. With headquartered at United Arab Emirates, Beaufond PLC has rapidly increased its trade over the last few years.The Company, had recorded a growth of 15.64% as compared  to previous year turnover of USD 1.000 Billion.

Beaufond PLC believes that growth in spending on oncology therapeutics through 2023 is forecast at double-digit levels in the United States and the rest-of-world, and will reach the high single-digit growth in the EU5, andwith 5–8% in Japan. Spending on all medicines used in the treatment of patients with cancer, had reached nearly $150 billion in 2018 up 12.9% for the year and marking the fifth consecutive year of double-digit growth, driven entirely by therapeutic drugs which grew 15.9%. The average annual cost of new medicines continues to trend upward, although the median cost dropped by $13,000 in 2018 to $149,000, and cost per product ranged between $90,000 and over $300,000.

Beaufond Plc is a multi-commodities trading and distribution company with a vast experience of more than 11 years. Beaufond Plc focused on the acquisition, development, and commercialization of branded running products. With a focus on underserved niche markets and a commitment to innovation, we are working hard to develop and improve the quality of products for our customers and deliver sustained growth and profitability for our shareholders.Over the past several years, we have transformed Beaufond Plc through a series of successful business development initiatives. In 2019, our strategy for accomplishing our goals was multi- faceted; we achieved the turnover figure of USD 1 billion with help of launching new marketing campaigns and increased the sales support for our products. Those efforts have strengthened our market presence and diversified business.

Beaufond Plc, is one of the largest trading & distribution company, fulfilling the purpose through strategy, to be active at multiple stages of the commodity supply chain. With our diversity by geography, products range in various segment and with vast experience of our employees, who are the strong pillars of Beaufond Plc, we had been able to maximises the value, created for our company and its diverse stakeholders. Beaufond business is divided into 5 continental – Asia, Africa, Europe, US and Others. Beaufond Plc operates through various location such as United Arab Emirates as a registered cum Head office, with various branches/division/camping office at – UAE, Cayman Island, Hong Kong, London, Africa, India, Seychelles, Vietnam.


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