In our core business strategy at Beaufond PLC, we put a strong focus on the importance of our corporate values. Compliance with the Global Code of Business Conduct is essential. We can only promote the long-term sustainability of Beaufond as a successful enterprise if we conduct our business in line with the prevailing legal framework and best practices in all the countries in which we operate. Major corporations have failed in the past as a consequence of poor compliance. Therefore, in our role as the Management Board, we attach great importance to developing and ensuring adherence to the Global Code of Business Conduct. This Code reflects the need for a balance between making clear what boundaries need to remain untouched whilst leaving sufficient leeway for individual discretion as a means of operating swiftly and decisively within the respective local context. We have been very explicit that we expect all Beaufond employees to comply with our Global Code of Business Conduct, a critical foundation of our Beaufond’s culture. We are excited to offer all employees the opportunity to get trained and coached on how to use the Code in day-to-day business life, and are prepared to respond to your questions in the future.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business. Sustainable operations are crucial to securing the future of our company and for creating shared value for our consumers, shareholders and stakeholders. 

We strive towards a top most Trading & Distributing Company Globally. To achieve this, we take a holistic approach to sustainability that is fully integrated into our business model. Our business practices are aligned with universally acceptable social and environmental standards which extends across our global operations, including our contract Manufactures and third-party suppliers.

Sustainability as a practice is at the core of all of activities, including our corporate social responsibility initiatives, and is intricately woven into all our business functions. Our vision is to be a leader in corporate sustainability, focusing on all three elements of ‘people, planet and profits. We have given in detail in our Sustainability Report 2019.