The Quality Management System and Quality Objectives are reviewed and continually improved to meet our customers’ expectations. Our advanced technology and project management skills cultivated by our extensive experience enable us to provide customers with highly safe and reliable products that meet diverse needs for industrial infrastructure. Beaufond meets with stringent global quality & regulatory guidelines & has been accredited by top agencies. We have restructured  our management structure, transitioned to a multiple trading activities, and executed partnerships & collaborations to further bolster our financial position and strengthen our business foundation.

Beaufond believes that a three dimension integrated business model helps the Company in moving up the trading and distributing values, control production costs and strengthen its position, while the research and development team provides additional support for the integrated business model through continued  efforts  by  increasing  the  number  of  APIs  which  can  be  used  to produce the FDF products.

Beaufond intends to continue to expand and diversify its existing product offerings in order to cater to different therapeutic segments in pharma products,  specialty  chemicals,  VOIP  services  in  IT    &  Multimedia  System  and earth metals etc,. Presently, the company has a strong bonded relationship with the contract manufacturers.

The Pharma and Medical Consumables business remains the biggest contributor to Beaufond’s top and bottom lines (nearly 80% of the revenue). The company’s business model entails pan-geographic presence within its target markets as well as covering the entire spectrum of humans in economic terms across its network of sales at pharma products.