Beaufond PLC,a Public Limited Company registered with Dubai International Finance Centre, Dubai, UAE with having operations around the globe widely accredited as a science based research driven company with more than 75 % revenue from the its Chemicals segments, revenues crossing more than US Dollar1 Billion and with vast experience of 11 years in multi-commodities trading and distribution, announced today the appointment of Dr. Sachin Saini, currently managing the operations as Managing Director has been given an additional responsibilities as CEO ( Chief Executive Officer) by the Board of Directors in the interim period for 3 months till the Company finds the new CEO, said the news release from the corporate communications desk.

Dr. Sachinsaini will continue as Beaufond PLC’s interim CEOin addition of his role as Managing Director of Beaufond PLC. Dr. Saini has a long track record in the Industry gained over a period of 20 years in his various roles under senior management team prior to joining Beaufond Plcas an Executive officer in a corporate division reporting directly to the Board of Directors. Dr. Sachin has proven track record of successfully running businesses and guiding teams. He possesses excellent leadership qualities which help him in buildingstrong relationship to promote the products, services and image of the company in the wider community. He is attributed in making Beaufond PLC’s as a Multi Billion US $ Company. He is instrumental in expanding company’s operations in the regulated markets, the release said. He holds Bachelor degree in Commerce with specialization in Financial Accounting and Auditing. He is a Visionary & global leader known for making tough decisions in difficult times.

Dr. Sachin has overseen a period of hugely significant change in Beaufond’s history, driving growth and profitability and leading Beaufond as a leader par excellence.“We’re moving from a position of strength to continue to transform Beaufond PLC as a strong global player for the future, Dr. Sachinis the right CEO to lead the company during this transformative period; we are confident he will move the company forward with the speed required to capitalize on the opportunities in front of us, said the Press release.

About Beaufond PLC

Beaufond Plc is a multi-commodities trading and distribution company with a vast experience of more than 11 years. Beaufond Plc focuses on the acquisition, development, and commercialization of branded running products. With a focus on underserved niche markets and a commitment to innovation, Beaufond PLC develops and improves the quality of products it’s customers and deliver sustained growth and profitability to its shareholders. Over the past several years, Beaufond Plc has transformed itself as a leading global player through a series of successful business development initiatives. In 2019, Beaufond achieved the turnover figure of USD 1 billion with help of launching new marketing campaigns and increased the sales support for its wide array of products. Those efforts have strengthened Beaufond’s market presence and diversified business. Beaufond is backed by strong & experienced leadership team supported by its capable & talented work force.

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