Beaufond PLC being a responsible Corporate entity is governed by highly stipulated policy mechanisms. Developing a good working governance model will motivate employees to higher standards. Beaufond PLC’s  business policies drive home what is important to the company. But most importantly, it is how you communicate, enforce, and use company policy—for good or bad—that sends a message to your employees on how they are supposed to act. These are the business policies every company needs. Beaufond PLC completly dhers to the standard operating guidelines.

Setting business policy is critical to a thriving company.

Beaufond Corporate Policies

AML Policy

Anti corruption and Anti-bribery policy

Beaufond Slavery Statement

Business Continuity Plan

Business code of Ethics

Corporate Governance Policy

Dividend and Distribution Policy

ESG Reporting Standards' Policy

HSC & CSR Policy

Policy Determining Material Subsidiary

Related Party Transactions And Disclosure

Sustainability Report

Whistle Blower Policy