China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. (abbr. “CNEEC”), formerly called China National Electric Equipment Corporation, is a state-owned professional international engineering company & Beaufond Plc, a DIFC, Dubai based entity have entered into a Business Agreement.

This partnership will facilitate the sourcing of Polymers from various producers in China to tune of 100,000 MT / Annum, by CNEEC for supply to Beaufond Plc, this would strengthen Beaufond’s procurement programme in China.

Beaufond have been procuring Polymers from various producers from china for their global markets, the association with CNEEC will have a substantial impact in procurement from china, The expertise and Procurement & financial support that CNEEC will bring to Beaufond Chemical division will strengthen its inputs supply chain.

Sachin Saini, Beaufond Managing Director & Ceo, stated: “We are extremely proud & happy with this partnership and look forward to create a sustainable impact across our markets by extension of line of credit by CNEEC, which will help us support our Polymer business in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, & our operations in West Africa, and will help enhance the supply value chains and the livelihoods of smallholder manufacturers in this region to help in building a sustainable future, We are delighted to have found a partner in CNEEC that has the same drive and passion to support our Vision.”

Mr Yin Yinan, Manager for CNEEC , stated: “We are very pleased to support Beaufond, as their focus on product supply to polymer manufacturers aligns well with CNEEC’s mission. We believe the our collaboration will help enhance the supply value chains and sustain a prospective market for polymers, which will improve livelihoods of small& marginal product manufacturing communities and in turn contribute to the growth of those manufacturing Industries.”

About Beaufond Plc

Beaufond Plc is a multi-product, multi-market, multi-location, and multi-segment International Distribution and Trading Company that focus on essentials for society and has evolved into a market-leading international business, with operations across six continents, and businesses that touch the lives of millions across the globe. Our Innovation Centre, today, is home to world-class R&D capabilities.

The Company’s business model is into three verticals:
• Chemical and Medical Consumables.
• IT and Multimedia.
• Other Merchandise.

The company has a vertically integrated business model with research and development, marketing and distribution capabilities, with respect to certain finished dosage forms. Beaufond believes that this helps the company in moving up the value chain, control business expenses, reduce dependency on third parties and strengthen its position as a quality ‘branded’ trading company, while the research and development team provides additional support for the integrated business model. Beaufond believes that focusing on the markets and customers’ segments enables to achieve a superior return by taking on sound credit risk.

Beaufond Plc ensures that focusing on the markets and customers’ segments enables to achieve a superior return by taking on sound strategic decisions. The company has the vision that placed the greater good of society at par with business growth, put into practice pioneering social initiatives that changed the way responsible business was run and brought into the Company a strong social conscience and is to be a global Trading and distributing company that provides the best products and services to its customers and creates a business environment that is appreciated and valued by its customers, employees and stakeholders.

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China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. (abbr. CNEEC), formerly called China National Electric Equipment Corporation, is a state-owned professional international engineering company.

CNEEC provides one-stop service of whole value chain, including consultation, financing, engineering, procurement, construction, operation & maintenance and rehabilitation and is mainly engaged in EPC contracting, complete equipment supply, engineering consultation, engineering design, project management & supervision, installation& commissioning, technical service, power plant maintenance & operation and personnel training in the fields of thermal power, hydro-power, power transmission and transformation, clean energy, integrated energy solution, environmental protection, municipal utility, industrial and commercial building, mining, transportation, plant construction and other industrial projects. It also participates in international import & export business in various fields.

CNEEC currently hold 9 business department as well as 27 domestic and overseas branches,The company has a group of professional talent specialized in technology and project management., it has been awarded 6 prizes by the State Major Technology and Equipment Administration and other hundreds of prizes of National Science and Technology Conference, State Significant Technology and Equipment, State Outstanding Project Design, etc.

CNEEC is assigned by the State Technology Supervision Administration to officially operate the National Committee of Standardization of Electric Installations in Buildings with its design and research institutes affiliated to the Committee and is also responsible for the management of China National Committee of IEC-TC64. It is in charge of the compilation of a certain number of National Design Code and Standard and is also responsible for assessment and attestation for some significant projects of the country.

Since its founding, CNEEC has established economic and trade links with over 70 countries and regions. It has completed thousands of diversified projects both at home and abroad, and has organized the introduction of dozens of technologies, and its international trading business covers various fields.

“Making Every Project A Milestone”, CNEEC has won trust from its customers with advanced technology, reliable quality and excellent service.

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