Involve everyone

There is real value in getting the entire organisation to participate in future planning because today’s workforce is very tuned in to some of the big changes, particularly technology-related, that are taking place.


As workplace futurists predict multiple trends on the horizon, Stuart suggests setting up several working groups across a business to look at individual predictions, weighing up their respective benefits and risks.

Future plans

Beaufond Plc always sets its objectives and goals ahead 5 years of what it wants to achieve. More specifically, it is a milestone(s) in the process of implementing a strategy – Beaufond Plc has the following important business goals:

  1. Increase profit margin
  2. Increase efficiency
  3. Capture a bigger market share
  4. Provide better customer service
  5. Improve employee training


Beaufond Plc intends to continue to expand and diversify its existing product offerings in order to cater to different therapeutic segments in pharma products, specialty chemicals, VOIP services in IT & Multimedia System and earth metals etc,. Presently, the Company has a strong bonded relationship with the contract manufacturers.

The Company believes in harnessing the fruits of science for goals that go beyond business. The group company wants to be a market leader in Active Pharmaceutical raw material to enjoy a dominant position in lifesaving anti-cancer drugs & cutting edge technology.

Beaufond Plc plans to have the company that has large interest in the telecom sector providing global VoIP Services, pioneering and deploying IP based voice termination services. It also is having strategic plan to tie ups with well-known International telecom Carriers. Our vision is to move to a smarter world.

Further, as a part of its business strategy, Beaufond Plc also covers important therapeutic segments such as anti-malarial, anti-cancer, pain management, erectile dysfunction and hormone replacement therapy, anti-obesity amongst others with a focus to offer a wider product portfolio to its existing customer base which will enable the company to be present in the entire value chain of its products leading to cost, quality and time control and customization thereby improving the margins and increase in customer satisfaction.

The Company’s contract manufacturer is holding a license from Food and Drug Administration of the respective countries for manufacture of liquids, lozenges and ointments. In addition to this, Beaufond Plc will be outsourcing the products in tablet and capsule dosage form for various therapeutic segments like irregular bowel movement, insomnia, stress management, smoking de-addiction, appetite enhancer, natural immunity booster etc from various companies.

Further, the Company’s contract manufacturers propose to enter in a Slump Sale activity for acquisition and purchase of manufacturing units during 2020-21.

Focus on increasing the market share for life style and high valued drugs:

The Company has been supplying APIs to international markets and has established relationships with its clients. However, going further Beaufond Plc intends to enter into life  style and value drugs due to better margins in various therapeutic segments namely, hormone replacement therapy, anti-obesity and oncology etc. In 2017-18, the Company has entered into the life style and value drugs segments by catering to therapeutic segments namely erectile dysfunction and herbal supplements. These drugs are marketed by the Company in various markets and have also launched them in the semi regulated markets.

These products have large markets worldwide. Based on Beaufond Plc’s internal management estimates, these products are manufactured by limited companies for the global markets. The company plans to focus its sales and marketing efforts on these product groups to capture larger market shares.

Establish the presence in international markets

Beaufond Plc already established its presence in the international markets including Middle East and Africa, Malaysia, India, Australia, Hong Kong, France, Singapore, Germany US and China by filing dossiers in international markets and developing long-term relationships with customers.

Beaufond Plc believes that demand for its products in these markets will continue to grow in line with changes in healthcare standards, insurance penetration and most of the countries’ government spending on healthcare. Increased sales in such countries would allow Beaufond Plc to achieve economies of scale. Beaufond Plc plans to establish its presence in these markets by product registrations and filings and by increasing its customer base through marketing arrangements with local pharmaceutical companies.

Leaders of pure Trade movement

Beaufond Plc leadership credo – “Do until done” is not just a business mantra but a movement towards better and inspiring ideas. Perseverance is a part of the Company’s culture and it lives it every day. The impact of this philosophy can be felt in every aspect of Beaufond Plc’s business and workplaces. It fuels Beaufond Plc’s pursuit of excellence, and inspires to push for better ideas and outcomes. It drives the management to constantly improve their business practices by adopting innovative processes and practical solutions that allow them to win in every scenario.

Patent and Trade Mark

The company has also been looking at future investments in acquiring patents so that it can funnel an exponential growth as the world moves towards a more regulated regime. At the same time, we shall maintain our dedication towards producing world class product affordable prices benefitting the mankind.

Beaufond Plc believes the Key Success Factors are:

  • Geographical Position of DIFC (Centrally Located)
  • Seamless Business Transactions.
  • Access to Global Trading companies.
  • Vicinity to Corporate and structured expertise.

The Company’s Business model is based on focus strategy & taking well calculated risks. We know our business segments well and we have the products to competitively satisfy the needs of the market. Strategy is implemented by leveraging excellent relationships with the manufacturers/ distributors across the globe and using their best management experience to provide outstanding service to end customers.

Beaufond Plc will optimize the resources, maintain high standards of corporate governance, adapt effective management controls and provide financial directions to its divisions from its corporate headquarters located in DIFC.

Listing in Stock Exchange:

The major event that has happened in the history of Beaufond Plc in the first quarter 2019 is its re-domicile at Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) and converted as Public Limited Company in the month of March 2019.

Beaufond Plc has started the prospecting listing with NASDAQ / Luxemburg stock exchange with a view to have fair liquidation of its shares to boost their reflectability and Public Image.

The Company’s relationships with customers and stakeholders are built on insights. These insights give us an in-depth understanding of each buyer’s and seller’s business needs and help us navigate complex trade processes. Brought together, they also give us a unique perspective on larger global trade linkages.

At Beaufond Plc, success is measured in terms of customer satisfaction and quality that is built into every product. The value of commitment to quality is also cherished by each of all stake holders and is consciously upheld by a network of global distributors. The Company has planned to enter into a management consultancy services with reputed Pharma companies for availing their services for sales management, marketing, and logistics to market its products.

As a dynamic company, Beaufond Plc recognizes that their success depends on their ability to grow; therefore, the company has been pursuing investment opportunities, particularly in pharma sector, which allows the company to optimally use the knowledge and experience available in-house within the company.

The success story of the Company for its sustainable growth, stability and credibility for last one decade in the international business, is the Company’s clear vision of Risk mitigation process that put in to the system that is carried by the entire team work with true spirit.