Beaufond PLC, the global multibillion $ company headquartered at United Arab Emirates with presence of many strategic locations worldwide has initiated series of initiatives to ensure the uninterrupted supply of materials adopting time bound approaches in the supply chain management  undergoing  a major  shift in the sorts of products being transported through effective planning & contactless delivery with the use of technology.

Beaufond PLC has been effectively Managing supply chain risk and disruption The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a harsh light, exposing vulnerabilities in healthcare and pharmaceutical supply chains. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the face of every industry in a direct or an indirect manner.  Responding to the immediate challenge While COVID-19 may be the catalyst for companies to revisit their global supply chain strategy and accelerate the adoption of Digital Supply Network models and capabilities, short-term actions need to be made to respond to the immediate challenge. At Beaufond PLC, Fortunately, new supply chain technologies are emerging that can dramatically improve visibility across the end-to-end supply chain and support much more supply chain agility and resiliency, without the traditional “overhead” associated with risk management techniques. Advances in information and communications technology are making evolution to the supply chain more possible at the Beaufond’s strategy to deal with the situations by using the technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, 5G, AI, 3D printing, and robotics which form an integral part of our operations & critical to enabling the digital supply network of the future.

Beaufond has reassessed the situations & believes that while Covid-19 is making the buyers to reexamine their approach, the idea of a consolidated warehouse may not work now as the only smart way to survive this pandemic is to have smaller and numerous distribution centers spread strategically. This is to ensure that if one region may be locked down due to Covid-19, they can access supplies through other warehouses. This will also increase the demand for distribution centers. Beaufond as opened up multiple centres globally to supply the materials without any interruptions.

Beaufond while responding to the pandemic has effectively ensured the smooth transactions of our overall trade &  went one step back and procured raw material for our suppliers &manufacturers so that supply chain do not break as our vendors were facing cash flow issues. Beaufond was quick to understand that & Instead of just in method we started storing goods at our warehouse thereby maintaining stock at supplier level & undertaking innovative approach of rewarding our debtors discount and prompt payment discounts. Beaufond Manpower has increased considerably & we hired more people from 81 to 175 in current  fiscal year so that more people remain in ground.

The COVID 19 pandemic has re-affirmed our logistics and Supply Chain Management & there is a greater need to automate. Beaufond PLC took the businesses gaining an advantage in committing to technologies that reduce human contact

The pandemic ripped through supply chains across the world, revealing just how delicate our complex production and logistics really are, especially when they’re reliant on a healthy and mobile labor force who can work in safety on-site.

What the crisis affirmed is that years-long quest automate supply chains, outfitting them with technology from robotics, data analytics and IoT in order to optimize processes, will make these systems more reliable, resilient and much less prone to downtime and disruption in any kind of crisis – even one on the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beaufond PLC relies on production, warehousing and logistics of how we can enact damage limitation strategies moving forward and regain traction. For Beaufond PLC, Automation technology holds the key.

Beaufond is ensuring that businesses and customers feel safe handling goods might just become a significant medium-term business differentiator, demonstrating that those businesses are prudent and forward-thinking as we emerge from a health crisis and must continue to keep transmission down. While we can already see plenty of examples of technology in action in supply chains today which omit humans from the picture, such  thereby making the entire supply chain contactless.

Our Philosophy remains the same. Quality care with sincerity. First, we are entrusted by society with valuable resources, including human resources, materials, funds and information. Next, we use these resources to create value-added products and services. Finally, we make these products and services available throughout the world. The most essential of these processes is the creation of added value aimed at contributing to economic, social and environmental progress with a view to achieving sustainable development. In other words, creating value and contributing to society is our primary mission.


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